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Attendance at sport carnivals is compulsory as they are part of the school curriculum. All students Years 7-12 must participate and be in full sports uniform.

The school Swimming Carnival is held in Term 1 and Athletics Carnival in Term 2. There is also a Cross-country Carnival in Term 1.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the swimming carnival will be for compteitors only and Year 8.

Year 7 sport

Sport in Year 7 is integrated into the curriculum, one period a week. It includes a range of sport and fitness activities. Year 7 have a Gala Day each year where our school teams will compete against other schools in our zone. Sports include soccer, netball and volleyball.

This day usually occurs in Term 4.

Recreational and grade sport Years 8-11

Recreational and grade sport for Years 8-11 is held on Tuesdays, 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Start time may vary depending on the sport. Students choose.

We offer a wide variety of both grade and recreational activities. Some are held on the schools grounds and some are conducted at local sports grounds or external venues. There are fees involved for grade sport and some recreational sports.

List of sports with prices is available under 'Sport notes', below.

Students select sport for Summer and Winter through an online selection process.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a modified sports program has been oraganised for Term 1, 2022. Please see attached "Information for Parents" under "Sports Notes".

Sport and PE uniform

The uniform for sport and PE lessons includes a Burwood GHS polo shirt, school shorts or tracksuit pants, school tracksuit jacket or school jumper and suitable sport shoes. Grade sports may have a specific uniform. Students may be placed on sport detention for not wearing the correct uniform.


Students who are occasionally unable to participate in sport because of a serious medical reason must bring a note from home by recess to the sport coordinators, requesting permission to be placed in non-sport. Otherwise they may be placed on sport detention. Failure to participate in sport may result in ineligibility for the RoSA.

Dismissal from external sport venue

Tuesday sport for Years 8-11 finishes at school at 2:30pm. Students attending external sports venues will return to school by 2:30pm to be dismissed for the day.

If a student wants to be dismissed at the sport venue instead of returning to school, please ask a parent or carer to complete the sport venue dismissal form (PDF 80KB) and return it to the deputy principal by Friday of Week 4 each term, or as advised. Approved students will be able to leave the venue at 2:20pm every Tuesday of that term to make their own way home. Please note for Term 1, 2022, this is not applicable.

Knockout sport

Students who are talented in a specific sport and would like to participate at a competitive level against other high schools, need to listen carefully to announcements in the daily notices calling for student players for knockout teams. We usually field KO teams in netball, basketball, soccer, indoor soccer, water polo, volleyball, touch football and Ultimate Frisbee.

Exemption For Elite Sport Policy

Burwood Girls High School acknowledges and supports those students who are competing at an elite level in their chosen sport. We understand that students' schedules can be demanding, especially in regard to the number of hours of training required to compete at such a high level.

We encourage such students to participate in school sports and be positive role models to their peers.

More information: Sport Exemption Policy for Elite Sports (PDF 401KB)

Sport notes (whole school)

Students choose ONE sport to do over Terms 1 and 4 (summer) and ONE sport to play over Terms 2 and 3 (winter).

Grade Sport general permission

BGHS Carnivals general permission and information

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